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Encoder – Model EC90DR

Encoder – Model EC90DR The SALTO encoder is a compact device which reads, enco- des and updates cards. It is available in different versions depending on the PC con- nection (USB or Ethernet). It also permits automatic key issuing in large and complex properties, enabling users to carry out key assignment simply.   Technical Data: ID technologies […]

Portable Programmer Device – PPD

Portable Programmer Device – PPD     The SALTO Portable Programmer Device is the messenger between the computer and the lock. The SALTO PPD has a multilingual interface.   Main Functions: Initialise doors Collect audit trail. Update locks (door profile & internal clock) Door diagnostic Emergency opening Firm ware update Technical data: Power supplied: 3 alkaline […]


DATACARD 557492-001 ALCOHOL CLEANING PEN   This printer cleaning pen is used to remove any dirt particles from your Datacard print head. This accessory also helps improve the quality of your printed card imagery by keeping the print head clean. Each pen lasts for approximately 8 uses. These Datacard cleaning pens are compatible for use […]

XS4 Wall Reader 2.0

XS4 WRDB0E | European Wall Reader 2.0     The SALTO XS4 Wall Reader 2.0 incorporates the cutting-edge design standard of the XS4 2.0 product range in this technological powerhouse. In combination with the SALTO XS4 2.0 Controller, it facilitates the integration of the wall reader with almost any SALTO interface such as SALTO ProAccess […]