OneCard Solutions has partnered with PaperCut to provide a complete print management solution. PaperCut provides an embedded solution for your existing Print/Copy devices that requires no additional hardware and offers the following basic features:

  • Tracking of all Multi-Function Devices/Printers
  • Tracking of Copy Jobs
  • Secure Release of Print Jobs
  • Print Quotas
  • Web and mobile device printing (BYOD)


The print management software solution can integrate with the OneCard card applications system or can be introduced to your site as a standalone product. The new future proved software allows for the following functionality;

  • Track all printing activity by user, client account, printer and document metadata
  • Enforce per user quotas, or group account budgets
  • Hardware neutral solution supports all major printer types and operating systems. No hardware vendor lock-in
  • User Web Tools allow end users to track usage, transfer funds, request refunds and upload documents from unauthenticated (wireless) laptops
  • Provides end users with advanced options to allocate print jobs to shared accounts, cost centres, faculties or departments
  • Single sign-on user authentication with native Active Directory integration or synchronization with LDAP user accounts

OneCard has developed a payment gateway solution which allows the OneCard CAMS balance to be used for charging of print and copy jobs by the PaperCut software. This gateway allows authentication of users via CAMS, verification of print/copy devices, charging and tracking of all jobs as transactions in the CAMS system for later reporting.

OneCard can also provide a contactless card reader that can be attached to the MFD which allows for user authentication via ID card.

If you are considering a new print management software vendor for your organisation why not contact us for a site survey?