OneCard Solutions research and development team is dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions for our clients. The primary objective of the research and development department is to create a centre of excellence in research, innovation, design and training in a wide field that incorporates: card technology, application solutions, standardisation and interoperability of card systems.

The research and development department has a highly skilled team of researchers and engineers with many years of experience in card technology. This team will assist in enabling your vision to become a successful reality. Our goal is to strive for best practice and establish successful processes and systems that are future proofed, so that our customers can build and grow their system.

We strongly believe that a card applications management system cannot be bought off a shelf. As in order to meet your site’s exact requirements the need to be custom built grows. The modular system architecture of our OneCard Application Management System delivers this and more. With our strong commitment and investment in R&D, OneCard Solutions will continue to develop its product and solutions offering to provide new and related solutions that will drive the creation and implementation of new business opportunities with the utilisation of card technology.