Our Tap & Go vending solution enables the cardholder to purchase beverages, snacks and a range of other items on a self-services basis. The system improves convenience and security by eliminating the need for cash and significantly lowers the operational costs while improving customer satisfaction.

OneCard Solutions offers flexible vending solutions with the following benefits:

  • Remote monitoring of product levels and temperature inside the vending machines for inventory and to ensure product quality.
  • Remote diagnostics for easy maintenance and to reduce downtime.
  • E-mail / SMS / phone alerts to restock or order after a critical level is reached and also in cases of machine malfunctions
  • Sales Transactions back up for audit purposes with date-time stamp
  • Back office software to provide vital sales statistics such as customer trends, usage and best product sales
  • Payment options – campus card, credit card, debit card and mobile phone
  • No more coin jams as the cashless solution provides a more reliable operation
  • Increase sales volume through added convenience and impulse buying
  • Ability to offer time-of-day promotions/discounts and offer loyalty programs